Addiction & Treatment

Group Sessions

Family Education

Provided on one Saturday morning each month from 10 am to 1 pm. These groups are held to provide information to clients and their family members as well as group discussion. To help families learn positive communication, acceptance of the clients addiction and new ways of living with recovery.

Open Group Therapy

Clients are given opportunity to address problems or issues they have. This provides a safe setting to receive feedback from peers and staff.


Community spiritual leaders present information and answer questions on spirituality. Clients may request an individual session with clergy if they choose to.

How It Works Group

Sharing 1st Step, reading and discussing steps.

Relationships & Communication

Helps clients to learn aspects of healthy relationships and how to recognize these types of relationships. Teaches women how to communicate respectfully and assertively.

Big Book

Study group of Big Book of A.A. and N.A.

Anger Management

Presentation of the principals of anger management, which also includes discussion and questions. Explore and practice new ways of expressing anger.

Goals Group

Weekly goals are shared and discussed. This helps to focus on specific tasks for the client’s recovery. Assists them in responsibility and accountability for ongoing recovery.

Domestic Violence

Presentations by the Domestic Violence Program of St. Agnes Hospital working towards respectful relationships. To help clients learn about and identify abusive relationships.

Eating Concerns

Discussions of food for body and soul.

Relapse Prevention

Identifying triggers and formulate plans to lower risk of relapse.


Learning to examine parenting messages in order to heal and parent our children and ourselves. Specific skills are offered and discussed to help clients develop their parenting techniques.

Transitions Group

This group is for former residents to return and share experiences after discharge from Beacon. These include both success stories and their struggles, which provides good information for current clients on life after treatment.

Alternative Group Activities

Helps clients explore fun activities in recovery. To identify various options to replace alcohol and drug use.

Physical Activity

Includes YMCA, walking. Other activities as available. We do have limited workout equipment on site.