Addiction & Treatment

Admission Agreement

Beacon provides a safe, supportive home-like living condition with the goal of enabling the client to maintain sobriety and/or freedom from chemicals. To assist the client in realizing her highest potential for independent functioning in the community. This goal can be met with the cooperation of the Referring Agency, the Client, and Beacon working together as a team.

This AGREEMENT is intended to clarify the responsibilities of each.

Definitions of Roles And Expectations

Beacon provides the following services:

  1. Professional staff and trained volunteers to provide twenty-four hour a day, seven days a week supervision.
  2. Regularly scheduled group meetings, attended by all clients to work out any problems attributed to community living.
  3. Regularly scheduled group therapy and individual sessions.
  4. Encouragement of responsibility, providing for opportunity, and increasing independence for personal growth.
  5. Assistance for each client to help her find and utilize community services.
  6. Weekly evaluations by staff to determine progress.
  7. Regular (at least monthly) progress reports to Referring Agency.
  8. Assist clients in managing their financial affairs
  9. Leisure activity is provided on a regular basis.
  10. Information and Referral information is provided for community agencies and health monitoring services.
  11. All medication is kept locked and the clients are monitored by staff under the
    direction of the medical director.
  12. Family Education is provided on a Saturday morning, once a month, from 10am to 1pm and additional contacts are made. Family visitation is allowed Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Visitation during the week with staff approval.
  13. If Beacon is unable to provide for the client’s needs, a recommendation of a
    more appropriate facility will be made, resulting in the client being transferred
    to that facility with the assistance of the referring agency.


  1. The Client agrees to accept responsibility for self-care. To participate in all activities and abide by the rules. Cooperate with personal treatment plans as developed by staff, client and Referring Agency.
  2. The Client is entitled to a copy of this agreement.
  3. The Client agrees to continue abstinence from alcohol and other non-medically prescribed chemicals.
  4. If the Client brings children with her, she agrees to accept responsibility for the care, feeding and supervision of them, and to abide by Beacon rules for children.
  5. The client agrees to follow Beacon rules and individualized treatment plan. Failure to do so could result in discharge.

Referring Agency:

  1. Referrals will be scheduled and the Referring Agency agrees to provide Beacon with personal, social and medical information as part of the admissions procedure
  2. Maintain involvement with the family and assist in developing plans and resources for follow-up.
  3. Provisions shall be coordinated when possible, however final authority for discharge rests with the Beacon Executive Director or designee.
  4. Identify source of payment, payable within 30 days of receipt of billing.
  5. A refund will occur within 10 days with appropriate notice except as provided in HFS 83.16 Ch. 3 & 4.

In the event that any personal belongings are left by client after discharge, such belongings shall be held for 30 days after which time they shall become the property of Beacon.

I hereby agree to treatment at Beacon at a cost of $193.00 per day, even when the client is absent from the home. (i.e. home visit, hospitalization, etc.)