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What if we all gave together?

WE CAN! Starting on July 18th, our community will come together to support the amazing work of The Beacon House (Friends of Women in Recovery) to fundraise for Program Support which provides books, education and organization supplies.

The Beacon House, a nonprofit that is dedicated to alcohol and drug addiction recovery is one of the charities participating in A Community Thrives, a program that supports community improvement ideas with grants up to $100K.

Help us qualify!

To qualify for a grant, The Beacon House needs to meet a fundraising goal of $6,000 from its own network. Help us raise awareness and funds for The Beacon House by saving the date and making a donation online from July 18th through August 12th.

Community Thrives

We’re Here To Help

Beacon is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing compassionate, professional help to women and women with children recovering from alcoholism and/or chemical dependency. We provide a safe, supportive home-like environment for chemically-dependent women to begin to rebuild their lives emotionally, spiritually and behaviorally to ensure long-term recovery.

Alcoholism and/or chemical dependency affects 1 out of every 4 people, so many children are growing up in substance- abusing homes. This dependency results in devastating long-term consequences as they become adults. Beacon is committed to breaking this cycle of addiction.

Addiction & Treatment

Group  Sessions

Addiction Resources

Admission Agreement

Items Needed

Gently used infant car seats that haven’t expired.
Nursing pump(s)
Baby monitors
Diapers – newborn and size 1
A&D ointment
Nursing pads

Contact Beacon House.  Let’s Work Together!