Addiction & Treatment

Childcare Policy

To develop and strengthen a healthy mother-child relationship, within the context of a coordinated treatment program for the mother. This means that the needs of the mother-child relationship must be balance with the needs of the woman as she focuses on her own recovery. To accomplish this, Beacon will provide resources to assist the mother in her relationship with her child and also work with the mother and referring agency to make arrangements for times when the woman can concentrate fully on her own treatment plan.

Arrangements for child care

  1. As part of the admission process, arrangements for childcare will be discussed with the mother and referring agency. Beacon requests that a minimum of 20 hrs./week be provided when the child/ren can be cared for by someone outside the house, (friend, relative, day care facility, certified child care provider), so that the mother has time to participate fully in the program.The means for payment for these child care services will be arranged prior to admission.
  2. Beacon will keep a list of child care providers available in this community and will work with the woman and referring agency to find the appropriate resource for the needs of the woman and the child/ren.
  3. Assistance will be provided in helping the mother arrange babysitting to attend to business needs and appointments. A list of babysitters will be available. Trading time with another parent is possible. Staff may be available on a limited basis and must be arranged in advance.

Resources for children

  1. Beacon will provide appropriate, safe play areas both inside and outdoors, toys, books and other play equipment suitable for different age groups will be available.
  2. Volunteers (interviewed and supervised) will be used to assist with watching children or helping with activities on an arranged basis.
  3. Referrals to other community resources, if needed for the children.
  4. Parenting classes, speakers, and other educational material such as, nutrition and health for children, will be available to the mother.

Resources for mothers

  1. Information about recreational and leisure time activities for mother and child to enjoy together will be made available and encouraged.
  2. Staff will assist mother in determining appropriate discipline and intervene in any discipline deemed inappropriate.